Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT)

If you wish to receive Obihiro University’s Recommendation for MEXT scholarship, please read through the Application Guide carefully. Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (OUAVM) is allowed to nominate at most two applicants to MEXT. 


  1. Application Guide
  2. Application Form
  3. Field of Study and Research Plan
  4. Academic-Papers-and-Publications
  5. Japanese Government Scholarship Recommended by OUAVM
  6. Check list for application documents
  7. CEFR equivalency chart(Reference)
  8. GPA Calculation(Reference)


  • This page is specifically for applicants who have received a provisional acceptance from OUAVM’s supervisor and are being recommended for MEXT by the university.
  • Students Priority will be given to students from universities with academic exchange agreement of OUAVM
  • It will take 2-3 business days to respond to the applicants’ inquiries after reviewing them. Before making any inquiries, make sure to review the Application Guide and Check list for application documents.
  • OUAVM’s holidays are Saturday and Sunday, December 26th to 29th, and January 1st to 3rd.


In order to maintain Security Export Control Regulation in Japan, OUAVM is responsible to prepare the documents according to the law. Your prospective supervisor will ask you to submit the “Pledge” and “Confirmation Letter”  with your signature. Please go over the documents and prepare them for signing.


Schedule Activity
January 19, 2024

Application documents must be submitted to OUAVM.

Mid-February, 2024

OUAVM will select 2 nominees. OUAVM informs applicants about its internal screening results.

OUAVM recommend 2 students under the University Recommendation scheme to MEXT. 

Mid-June, 2024

MEXT notifies scholarship results to OUAVM.

OUAVM notifies applicants of their scholarship selection results.

Sep-Oct, 2024 Scholar travel to Japan on a date designated by OUAVM.
October 1, 2024 The Fall semester begins and scholars begin their studies at OUAVM as a Research Student.