Department of Life and Food Sciences

There are growing expectations that universities will cultivate talent and advance research to ensure food safety and security and to achieve the levels of food safety and functionality required in today’s society. This department aims to solve issues with livestock and livestock environments from a comprehensive perspective that encompasses productivity, animal welfare, and environmental conservation. Members are working to develop new livestock technologies through the basic research necessary to elucidate the physiological mechanisms of livestock as living beings and the applied research to improve productivity. Members are expected to contribute to the development of animal science and various other related fields through life science studies ranging from the basics to application, including micro-level studies on the insides of living animal bodies, macro-level studies on individual animals, and studies on livestock environments.

To ensure food safety, members are engaged in a broad spectrum of research, ranging from studies on the production and processing of agricultural and livestock products to studies on the nutrition and functions of those products. They also work with local businesses, research institutions, and government organizations in nurturing agriculture, livestock, and food-related industries. Research on the secondary and tertiary functions of agricultural and livestock products and of foods made from agricultural and livestock ingredients based on studies on their primary functions (i.e., nutritional and energy functions) are expected to make multi-faceted contributions in the food science and other related fields.

Member List