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About Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Website

Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (“the University”) website (, “the Website”) is a website to provide information of the University, such as education, study, regional and international contribution activities and the entrance test. Given the coming of internet penetration and the aging society, we strive to create the user friendly website that can easily be used by many people, including persons with disabilities and elderly people. Please send us your feedback.

Website Policy

This website policy has the information that the PR department of the University, who operates this Website, would like the user of this Website to be aware and agree regarding personal information protection, copyright, links, etc. Please read carefully as we ask for your kind understanding in this matter. Please send any questions to the PR department at

Handling of personal information

At the PR department of the University, we automatically collect information of the users of this Website to the extent necessary for the smooth operation of the services provided through this Website. Collected information is handled in the appropriate manner within the utilization purpose.

The information this Website collects are the internet domain name, IP address, other information related to viewing this Website (such as access time) of the users of this Website. There is no Cookie (a data file that is issued by the web page server to the user’s web browser to identify the user and stored on the user’s computer) used. The Website does not collect general personally identifiable information, including name, birthday, etc.

Linking to the Website

There is no limitation in linking to the Website as long as it meets the certain conditions, including non-profit and frameless. Please send the file URL of the link to the PR department in case of linking. Please note that certain page links may go broken.


Each information (texts, images, illustrations, etc.) of this Website is subject to copyright. Also, the whole “National Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Website” is subject to copyright as the compilation and protected by the Japanese copyright law and the international regulation.

The whole or a part of this Website contents can be quoted, reprinted or duplicated by expressly providing the source in the appropriate method, in a private use or in a way accepted under copyright law, such as a citation.

However, for contents with annotation such as “all rights reserved”, please follow the annotation.

The whole or a part of the Website contents cannot be changed without permission from the University.


We take all possible measures to ensure the accuracy of the information on this Website, however, the University does not provide any guarantee whatsoever regarding the reliability or safety of the contents. The University bear absolutely no liability for any actions incurred as a result of using any of the information on this Website.

The University may change or delete the information on this Website without prior notice. The University is not responsible for any loss or barrier incurred as a result of this. Please be forewarned.

Scope of application

This website policy applies to the Website (