Master’s Program of Animal Science and Agriculture

This program prepares students to become highly trained professionals, educators and researchers who can address a wide array of food safety and other global issues in animal science and agriculture. This is achieved by combining research in the fields of animal science and agriculture with veterinary medicine based on the latest knowledge and skills in the specialized and interdisciplinary fields of animal science and agriculture, including veterinary life science, animal production science, environmental ecology, food science, agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, and plant production science.

Degree: Master of Veterinary Life Science
Degree: Master of Agriculture
Year: 2-year

Laboratory of Veterinary Life Science

Laboratory of Animal Production Science

Laboratory of Food Science

Laboratory of Ecology and Environmental Science

Laboratory of Agricultural Economics

Laboratory of Engineering for Agriculture

Laboratory of Plant Production Science

Master’s Degree Program of Animal and Food Hygiene

Open to all students who major in animal science and agriculture regardless of the courses they are enrolled in, this program provides the professional education on food safety as offered by Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. The aim is to develop human resources who can work to acquire and maintain international safety and hygiene standards—the kinds of talents sought by businesses to respond to the global distribution of farm and other food products.
The program’s specialized courses include those on management systems for the safety and hygiene of agricultural and livestock products. Students who successfully complete this program will receive a degree in their area of specialization, ready to work as animal and food hygiene professionals with exceptional abilities to practically apply their expertise to get things done.

Degree: Master of Animal and Food Hygiene
Year: 2-year