Kyu-Ho Han Associate Professor


Research Center for Global Agromedicine/Department of Agriculture and Animal ScienceResearch Department/Department of Life and Food Sciences/Division of Food Science/Section of Food Technology and Biotechnology
Faculty (Unit)Food Science Program
Keyword Red small bean, Potato, turmeric


I have conducted nutritional biochemical studies using agricultural and livestock resources. For example,resistant starch of legumes such as adzuki, kintoki and tebou which are agricultural products of Hokkaido improve the intestinal environment of rats such as the increase in short-chain fatty acids and bifidobacteria within the cecum, thereby allowing transcription of hepatic genes expresions at the same time. Particularly, adzuki bean containing red pigment has a high lipid metabolism improving effect and a strong antioxidant activity, especially for anthocyanin. So it is be expected to be developed as a functional food, our reserch group have been conducted with co-ressearch by some companies. My recent rearch intersts put on the prevention of intestinal fermentation and lifestyle diseases from animal experiments using an indigestible carbohydrate derived from agricultural products such as chicory, mushroom, sugar cane or turmeric.

List of current research topics

  • Effect of turmeric-derived indigestible carbohydrates on intestinal fermentation characteristics
Related industries Food science
Affiliated academic society Japanese Associatoin for Dietary Fiber Research
Academic degree D.Agr.
Self introduction

I am from Seoul. I do not have any particular hobbies. Weekend is with my family or in the laboratory. If not so, I may be in a business trip.

Room addressGeneral Research Building3
Mail address kyuho atmark