University Educational Affairs Center

Recognizing the need to promote synergistic interactions between academics and research and to improve the delivery of educational services (including streamlining of procedures and processes) The University created the Center for University Educational Affairs (CUEA) in April, 2002. The CUEA functions essentially as a link between research and academics, and performs a multifaceted role. This includes the conduct of regular review and evaluation of existing curricular programs and development of new degree programs; faculty development, including implementation of programs for enhancement of teaching skills, testing and evaluation, and addressing the various facets of students’ needs and services.
The CUEA is under the office of the Vice-President for Educational Affairs and is comprised of three divisions:

  1. Curricular Program Planning and Development, Implementation and Evaluation, and Faculty Development;
  2. Post-graduate Education Affairs to support graduate students and education; and
  3. Student Affairs composed of five sections covering:
    1. Scholarships and other forms of support;
    2. Academics and Consultation;
    3. Career Service and Placement;
    4. Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities; and
    5. International Student Concerns and Support.