Academic calendar

Academic Year 2019

1st Semester
Beginning of the academic year Apr. 1 (Mon)
Entrance Ceremony Apr. 4 (Thu)
Start of the Graduate School courses Apr. 5 (Fri)
University Foundation Day May 31 (Fri)
Monday classes are given Aug. 7 (Wed)
Monday classes are given Aug. 13 (Tue)
End of the 1st semester Aug. 16 (Fri)
Summer Vacation from Aug. 17 (Sat) to Sep. 30 (Mon)
Deadline for the grading report of 1st semester Aug. 23 (Fri)
Graduation Ceremony (for September graduation) Sep. 30 (Mon)
2nd Semester
Start of the courses of 2nd semester Oct. 1 (Tue)
Entrance Ceremony Oct. 1 (Tue)
Winter Vacation from Dec. 26 (Thu) to Jan. 4 (Sat)
Monday classes are given Feb. 12 (Wed)
End of the 2nd semester Feb. 21 (Fri)
Spring Vacation from Feb. 24 (Mon) to Apr. 4 (Sat)
Deadline for the grading report of 2nd semester Feb. 28 (Fri)
Graduation Ceremony (for March graduation) Mar. 19 (Thu)
End of the academic year Mar. 31 (Tue)

NOTE:  The academic year for the students enrolled in October begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th.

Academic calendar 2019