Student Counseling Room


Living abroad apart from your family and friends can be very stressful. Quite a few international students feel homesick, are anxious about studying in a new environment, have difficulty to adjusting to a different culture or weather.

To meet the unique needs of international students, counseling sessions deal with wide ranging issues including psychological, interpersonal and cultural adjustment problems, career and academic concerns and any other difficulties that international students may encounter. The counselor of the Student Counseling Room will help you make your own decisions on how to resolve these difficulties.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday (except national holidays)
9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00

Contact us

Tel: 0155-49-5638
Note: The counselor can deal only in Japanese.

If you have some issues but can not speak Japanese, do not hesitate contacting to the International Student Office.
Tel: 0155-49-5298, 5297