MIKAMI Nana Associate Professor

ThemeStudies of meat products on applying functional components

My DreamDevelopment of attractive and healthy foods on applying functional components


Research Center for Global Agromedicine/Department of Agriculture and Animal ScienceResearch Department/Department of Life and Food Sciences/Division of Food Science/Section of Food Technology and BiotechnologyCenter for Industry-University Collaboration/産学連携推進室長
Faculty (Unit)Food Science Program
Field Meat science
Keyword Meat products, Carotenoids, Aging meat, Anti-oxidant, Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases


I'm focusing on effects on characteristics (texture, color, storage stability, lipid oxidation etc...) of meat products by addition of functional food compounds. Additionally, the products can be possible to play an important role for human health. I aim to develop attractive meat products meet both the needs.

Study design

List of current research topics

  • Effects on characteristics of meat products by addition of functional food components
Academic degree Ph.D.(Fisheries science)
License Dietitian ,Sports dietitian
Self introduction

I'm from Otaru city in Hokkaido. I love swimming and scuba diving. I've studied functional effects of food components for human health. I have just started to apply them for food processing and develop health foods.

Room addressGeneral Research Building 3
Room number3-505
Mail address nanam atmark obihiro.ac.jp