Traffic regulation in university premises

In-campus traffic regulation

Traffic regulation is implemented in our university aiming at preventing traffic accident and conserving the environment. As we instruct students to refrain from using vehicles (including bike) for commuting, students are recommended to commute preferably on foot, bicycle or public transportation.

In case of driving cars into the campus, only entry to and exit from designated parking lot is permitted. Students who hope to use the parking lot shall submit “Application for parking lot use” to a person in charge of extracurricular activities of Student Services Section and receive “Certificate of parking lot occupancy”.

Note in advance that teachers and office staff in charge may exercise strict control over students who violate regulation by using unregistered car or parking cars on the road, at green zone and parking lot other than those for students.

Traffic accident prevention

Frequent traffic accidents caused by cars and bikes driven by young people have become a major social problem in recent years. In Tokachi district where our university is located, in particular, so-called Tokachi-type crossing collision occurs frequently and many of them are believed to result in major accidents.

We would like to ask students to drive carefully while paying close attention when driving cars or bikes.


In case of causing any accident due to three traffic evils (driving without license, drunk driving, significant violation of speed limit), it is regarded as a behavior against student’s duty and the student is supposed to be severely punished in our university.

Therefore, we would like to ask students to behave in a disciplined manner not to receive such punishment.