Research Departments

  • Department of Veterinary Medicine
  • Department of Life and Food Sciences
  • Department of Agro-environmental Science
  • Department of Human Sciences


Master’s Program of Animal Science and Agriculture

  • Laboratory of Veterinary Life Science
  • Laboratory of Animal Production Science
  • Laboratory of Ecology and Environmental Science
  • Laboratory of Food Science
  • Laboratory of Agricultural Economics
  • Laboratory of Engineering for Agriculture
  • Laboratory of Plant Production Science

Doctoral Program of Animal Science and Agriculture

  • Doctoral Degree Program of Animal and Food Hygiene

Doctoral Program of Veterinary Science

Schools of Agriculture and Animal Science

  • School of Cooperative Veterinary Medicine
     –Veterinary Medicine Program
  • School of Agriculture
     –Animal Production Program
     –Ecology and Environmental Science Program
     –Food Science Program
     –Agricultural Economics Program
     –Agricultural Engineering Program
     –Plant Production Program