Harassment prevention

If you are harassed

The first important thing you have to know is that the situation does not necessarily improve if you just ignore or shrug off harassments.

You should not be hesitant about taking actions. In order to prevent serious damage, you need to be strong in raising your voice.

Do not suffer quietly – talk to your friends, colleagues, or someone near you whom you can trust. If the problem still persists, consider consulting counseling services inside or outside of the university.

Harassment Consulting Service in the University

Our university has Harassment Counselors in charge of attending to complaints from people whose moral interest is encroached on through sexual harassment or otherwise or who suffer unreasonable treatments academically, at workplace or in everyday life.

Who are Harassment Counselors?

Harassment Counselors are individuals who attend to complaints concerning faculty staff and students about sexual harassments and other infringement of moral interests, academic prejudices, daily disadvantages, and all other forms of unreasonable treatments inside and outside classroom.

Please feel reassured and bring your problem to a Harassment Counselor, as counselors strictly follow the principles outlined as below:

  1. Are always focused on what measures are most appropriate and effective for all parties involved in the problem, including the victim.
  2. Prioritize speedy reactions.
  3. Respect involved individuals’ privacy, dignity, honor, and other human rights and keeps their secret strictly confidential.
  • List of Counselors

Let us be always aware of harassments to ensure a pleasant campus life for everyone!