SHIMADA Kenichiro Professor

ThemeResearch on meat and meat products

My DreamSolving the mystery of meat and meat products


Research Department/Department of Life and Food Sciences/Division of Food Science/Section of Food Technology and Biotechnology
Faculty (Unit)Food Science Program
Field Meat science and Meat processing
Keyword aging of meat, meat quality, livestock meat, game meat, meat product, quality preservation


Research on “meat tenderization during postmortem aging” has been continued as my life work since I had a Ph.D at Hokkaido University as the title of the weakening mechanism of Z-line to induce the weakening the myofibrillar structure by the aging of meat. My university is located in major production areas of beef and agricultural product (potato etc.) in Japan. So I am trying to do research themes that can be done here.  I have two major research them as, and at first it was weather meat quality was affected the production conditions (such as the differentiation of beef breeds, the fattening of once-calved heifers, the fattening by shortening periods, and the difference of production regions etc.) during aging of meat. Among the such as similar research themes, we also conducted research to investigate the proper aging periods in Jibie meat (game meat) such as Ezo-deer and to investigate the differences between the dry-aged beef and the wet-aged beef. Another major theme is research on improving the product quality by applying the low utilization and unutilized biomass of agricultural and livestock products to meat products. For instance, in the process of making bean paste, adzuki bean broth is discarded. We became clear that “adzuki no moto” made from (Cosmo Foods Inc.) made from this broth which contains rich polyphenols could be used for cooked meat products as an alternative to antioxidants and preservation. We are also looking for natural antioxidants available for meat products. I would want to pleasure agricultural producers and agricultural officials in my research.

List of current research topics

  • Studies on the beef quality of Japan Short Horn species among producing areas
  • Studies on the quality of bovine bone soup prepared from Japanese Black species femur
  • On the meat aging promotion effect by the meat aging promotion device
  • Studies on the meat quality of steers from rare dairy species
  • Application of natural antioxidants derived from agricultural and livestock products to meat products
  • Application of sake cake to the dry-fermented sausages
  • Study on meat fermented seasoning processed from the livestock animals
Related industries Animal husbandry, Meat industry, Food
Affiliated academic society Japanese Society of Animal Science, The Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology, Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science, Japan Society for Meat Science and Technology, Hokkaido Society of Livestock and Grassland Science, Hokkaido Society of Beef Cattle Science
Academic degree D.Agr.
Self introduction

I am from Kanagawa Prefecture. We have done in research on mechanism of meat tenderization during postmortem aging, utilization of wild animals as food resources (ezo-deer, ostrich etc.) and application the use of unused / low-used parts of Hokkaido agricultural and livestock products for meat products. I love meat and meat products.

Room addressGeneral Research Building III
Mail address kshimada atmark