Study period extending system

The rule of OUAVM provides that a student can be at the graduate school deliberately beyond the standard study period of a program for the reason such as having a profession or others (Article #7 of Graduate School Rule).

The requirements for applying

The case that a graduate school student can be allowed as a study period extended student is the case in applicable to one of the followings:

  1. The person who works for public office or company or others at present
  2. The person who is self-employed at present
  3. The person who leaves Japan for over 6 months because of the training or practice regarding to a course of the graduate school program


If you will apply for a study period extended student, you must submit the application for ‘Study Period Extending’ to Admissions and Educational Affairs Section before 30 days or more to the start of the extended study period.

During your extended study period, you can apply to reduce the period one time only. But you cannot reduce your study period beyond to two and a half years for master’s program, beyond to three and a half years for doctoral program of Animal Science and Agriculture, beyond to four and a half years for doctoral program of Veterinary Medicine.