NAKAMURA Tadashi Associate Professor

ThemeDevelopment of fermented dairy products and fermented foods using local lactic acid bacteria.

My DreamWhat is tasty dairy products?


Research Department/Department of Life and Food Sciences/Division of Food Science/Section of Food Technology and Biotechnology
Faculty (Unit)Food Science Program
Field Animal products processing, Dairy science, Applied microbiology
Keyword Milk, Dairy products, Hygiene management, Fermented food


Milk, which we drink daily, is nutritionally excellent and is used for various processed foods. Fermented foods, such as yoghurt and cheese, have milk as their main ingredient. The lactic acid bacteria used to make these products are contained in various everyday foods that have been eaten in Japan from long ago, such as pickled vegetables, miso paste, soy sauce and liquor. We engage in study with other research institutes and companies to explore useful strains of lactic acid bacteria and to use them to produce safe, delicious foods.

List of current research topics

  • Utilization of lactic acid bacteria which brings useful effect for ripening cheese
  • Utilization of lactic acid bacteria into baking and elucidation of the mechanism of its effect
Academic degree D.Agr.
Self introduction

Although I'm from Tokyo, I've lived longer in Obihiro. I've been engaged in research and teaching related to milk. I like listening to music, and I've recently started to enjoy classical music.

Room addressGeneral Research Building 3
Room number501
Mail address nakamura atmark