SEMBOKUYA Yasushi Professor

ThemeRisk management on farm management

My DreamFind the solusion from the view point of Comparative Institutional Analysis


Research Department/Department of Agro-environmental Science/Division of Agricultural Economics/Section of Agricultural Economics
Field Agricultural economics, Farm management science, Food system research
Keyword Animal insurance, income insurance, dairy farming


Agricultural farming faces several risks, including risks of the natural environment, business economic risks, and policy change risks. In order to deal with this, insurance is needed. In the field of animal husbandry, livestock mutual aid exists, has played an important role for the development of livestock industry and stabilization of livestock farming. However, in terms of the environment surrounding the livestock industry and the change in livestock management itself in Japan, livestock mutual aid is required to be reconsidered. We are considering how the insurance system that supports it should be from the viewpoint of comparative institutional analysis in comparison with the livestock insurance system of other countries.

List of current research topics

  • A study on conditions for agricultural income insurance to function as risk externization tool of dairy management entity
Academic degree D.Agr.
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