KAWASHIMA Chiho Professor

My DreamHealth improvement of dairy cattle

ThemeThe study of herd management in peripartum dairy cows for enhancing fertility after parturition and the growth of their calves.


Animal nutrition, Animal reproduction, Animal feed management


Dairy cow, Energy status, Metabolism, Peripartum period, Ovarian function, Uterus involution, Insulin resistance

Instructable research topic for doctoral thesis

  • 乳牛(子牛も含めて)の栄養や繁殖に関わることであれば基本的に何でもOKです。



Academic degree D.Agr.
Self introduction

I'm from Otaru.
I am graduate of Obihiro University of Agr. & Vet. Med.
My research is nutrition and reproduction of dairy cattle.
Playing with my son is my motivation.

Room addressField Center of Animal Science and Agriculture Research Building
Room number106
Mail address kawasima atmark obihiro.ac.jp


Field Center of Animal Science and Agriculture/StaffResearch Department/Department of Life and Food Sciences/Division of Animal Production/Section of Animal Husbandry


My research is nutrition and reproduction in peripartum dairy cow.
Main topics are the study on earlier resumption of ovarian activity and uterus involution after calving by enhancing energy and metabolic status during late gestation, and the study on the effect of nutritional status of mother cows on the growth and metabolism of their calves.
During the late gestation, almost mother cows cannot eat enough feed because of growth of fetus. In addition, metabolism of mother cows change from anabolism to catabolism (insulin resistance) for fetal growth and preparation for onset of lactation after calving.
Severe decrease of feed intake and catabolism of mother cows affect to lower growth and metabolism of their calves and the occurrence of several diseases, decrease of milk yield and delayed recovery of reproductive function in mother cows.
Therefore, I detect the metabolic status of good performance cows from blood property, and consider the improvement method for low performance cows.
However, even if I define the characteristics of blood property in good and/or low performance cows, farmer cannot use this indexes on farm.
Thus, I also think some indexes that can be judged on farm, such as rumen condition (see Fig3) and rumen fill score.

We confirmed the rumen volume to press the left abdomen.

List of current research topics

  • Relationship between the metabolic status of peripartum dairy cows and the successful calving and recovery of reproductive function after calving.
  • Effect of the supplemental feeding to dairy cows on metabolic status, reproductive performance, and their calf growth.
  • Clarification of the nutritional status of dams determining the metabolic disposition and ovarian reserve of female calves.
Affiliated academic society The Japanese Society of Animal Science, The Society for Reproduction and Development, Hokkaido Society of Livestock and Grassland Science, The American Dairy Science Association (ADSA)
Academic background 1999 Obihiro University of Agr. & Vet. Med. B.S.
2001 Obihiro University of Agr. & Vet. Med. M.S.
2003 Obihiro University of Agr. & Vet. Med. Researcher.
2007 United Graduate School of Agr. Sci. Iwate University. Ph.D. (Thesis only)
2007 Field Center of Anim. Sci. & Agri., Obihiro University of Agr. & Vet. Med. Assistant Professor.
2012 Field Center of Anim. Sci. & Agri., Obihiro University of Agr. & Vet. Med. Lecturer.
2015 Field Center of Anim. Sci. & Agri., Obihiro University of Agr. & Vet. Med. Associate Professor.-present