GANDO Yoshihito Associate Professor


Research Department/Department of Human Sciences/Division of Natural Sciences and Physical Education/Section of Natural Sciences and Physical Education
Field Elementary particle and Nuclear physics, Astrophysics, Geophysics
Keyword Neutrino, Radiation Measurement, Environmental Radiation, Low Background Environment, Luminescent Material (Scintillator)


The most fundamental particles among the currently identified components of the universe are called elementary particles. Electrons and photons are also elementary particles, and neutrinos are in this category. Although neutrinos are the second most abundant particle in the universe after light, they are difficult to detect and their nature as a particle is not yet precisely understood. I study neutrinos themselves as elementary particles, and various phenomena that can be understood by observing neutrinos.

Oscillations pattern of anti-electron-neutrinos measured by the KamLAND experiment
Geo-neutrino energy distribution successfully observed for the first time by the KamLAND experiment.
Installation work of balloon in the KamLAND-Zen experiment
Scintillation balloon used in elementary-particle experiments (under development)

List of current research topics

  • Search for neutrino-less double beta decay to verify the particle-antiparticle identity (Majorana) of neutrinos
    - Search for the signal in the world's highest sensitivity detector KamLAND
    - Development of a xenon bubble chamber detector for the future high sensitivity observations
  • Geo-neutrino observations to measure geothermal heat sources
  • Research on the timing of the disappearance of the Earth's oceans
  • Development of ultra-low radiation measurement methods, ultra-low radiation environment construction, and cleaning techniques, related to the above.
Related industries Radioactivity analysis
Affiliated academic society The Physical Society of Japan, The volcanological society of Japan
Academic degree Ph.D (Science)
Room addressGeneral Research Building 1
Room numberN1302-4
Mail address gando atmark