NAMBO Yasuo Professor

ThemeDevelopment of an equine disease detection method based on endocrine test and ultrasonic imaging test
Researches on assisted reproduction technologies and reproduction control methods for horses


Research Center for Global Agromedicine/Department of Veterinary MedicineResearch Department/Department of Veterinary Medicine/Division of Clinical Veterinary Medicine/Section of Large Animal Clinical SciencesVeterinary Medical Center/Large Animal Clinic
Field Equine reproduction, Reproductive endocrinology, Imaging diagnosis, Horse breeding, Artificial Reproductive Technology
Keyword Hormone, Endocrine, Immunohistochemistry, Horse, Ultrasound, Breeding, Pregnancy, Inhibin, Activin, Anti-Mullerian hormone, Insulin-like growth factor (INSL)


Focuses on the regulation of reproductive function and hormonal actions in horses and the development of diagnostic measures. Also studies various problems related to the broodmare’s production management. Aims to contribute to the development of community-based horse industry. Envisages the promotion of education, research, and social actions through horses as the future goal. “Think globally! Act locally!”

List of current research topics

  • Artificial insemination and transplantation of fertilized eggs (embryos) using Hokkaido Horse (Dosanko) and Connemara Horse
  • Production medicine of heavy draft horses
  • Clarification of reproductive endocrinology during equine pregnancy
  • Establishment of a new hormonal diagnostic measure concerning equine reproductive disorders
  • Development of non-contact body measurement using 3D camera
Related industries Veterinary medicine, Animal husbandry, Endocrinology, Horse science
Affiliated academic society Japanese Society of Equine Science, The Japanese Society of Veterinary Science, The Society for Reproduction and Development, Japan Veterinary Medical Association, Japan Society of Reproductive Endocrinology
Editorial Board
  • Japanese J. Vet. Res; 2015-., , J. Equine Sci; 2009-.
Academic degree Ph.D
License DVM
Self introduction

I am from Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture. My hobbies are soccer (was, now decided to watching games), skiing (was), horseback riding, railway trips, and so on.

Room addressLarge Animal Hospital and Clinical Research Building
Mail address ynambo atmark