OKABE Yasunari Associate Professor

ThemeReasearch of social acceptance of sciences and technologies

My DreamThe origin of anxiety about sciences and technologies


Agri-information technology Center /農業基盤データ部門Research Department/Department of Human Sciences/Division of Humanities, Social Sciences and Linguistic Sciences/Section of Humanities, Social Sciences and Linguistic Institutional Research Office/Director
Field Risk Psychology
Keyword Perception of risks, Risk literacy, Risk communication, Social acceptance of sciences and technologies


Are you afraid of something that is recognized scientifically safe? We are studying on such psychological process. Recent scientific progress is remarkable, and new technologies are developed even more. We are studying how ordinary people, who use such technologies, feel about those new technologies.

List of current research topics

Research on the cognitive structure of risks and benefits of cultured meat and genetically modified foods

Related industries Education
Affiliated academic society The Society for Risk Analysis, Japan, The Japanese Psychology Association, The Japan Association of Applied Psychology, The Japan Society for Cognitive Psychology
Academic degree M.psychology
Self introduction

I was born in Yamaguchi prefecture and have been living in Tokachi for five years. I love rugby and am the teacher in charge of the rugby club.

Room addressAgri-Infomationt technology center
Mail address okabe atmark obihiro.ac.jp