SATO Masatoshi Assistant Professor

ThemeElucidate the species composition and habitat of mire and spring head vegetation in Hokkaido


Research Department/Department of Agro-environmental Science/Division of Ecology and Environmental Science/Section of Ecology and Environmental Science
Field Vegetation Science, Plant Ecology
Keyword Vegetation, Plant community, Habitat, Mire, Spring head, Monitoring, Endangered species, Life history, Viodiversity

List of current research topics

  • Species composition and habitat of Spring head vegetation
  • Effect of cattle disturbance on the Betula ovalifolia community, the endangered species
  • Fluctuation of number of endangered species growing in riverside
  • Vegetation transition in the afforested area aimed at natural forest
Affiliated academic society The Society of Vegetation Science, The Ecological Society of Japan
Academic degree M.Sci.
Room addressGeneral Research Building 2
Mail address satomasa atmark