NOHARA Kaori Associate Professor

Theme"Contractualize" of the working style in modern Japan and France

My DreamThinking of the relationship between "Working" and "the Law"


Research Department/Department of Human Sciences/Division of Humanities, Social Sciences and Linguistic Sciences/Section of Humanities, Social Sciences and Linguistic
Field Legal History/History of Law, Labour Law, French Law
Keyword Employment contract, The Japanese Old Civil Code of 1890 /The Japanese Civil Code of 1898, Boissonade, Code civil, Artisan, Labor, Judicial records, Acceptance of the Law, Modern Law


I'm concerned about the change of the working style in Japan and France from the premodern relationship of Master and Servant or Apprentice to the modern contractual employment relationship. Now the diversity of working styles is drawing attension, so it is very important for today's working issues to research how very varied working styles have historically been regulated by the Law. I've studied the process of the legislation of "employment contract" rules which were drafted by a French jurist Boissonade, and the formation of the modern legal system about employment with judicial records in the Meiji period. In addition, because the Japanese Old Civil Code of 1890 was drafted referring to French Code civil, I'm analyzing French judicial records about silk fabric artisans in Lyon, in order to clarify the state of working people and related law. Using historical materials of law, I want to consider what kind of influence to the employment society the formation of the "employment contract" concept had in both Japan and France.

List of current research topics

  • Trials about employment contract (especially in spinning and silk fabric industries) in Meiji period
  • Trials about silk fabric artisans in 19th century France Lyon
  • Modern French employment legislation and industrial tribunals(Conseil de Prud'hommes)
Academic degree Master of Law
Self introduction

I was born in Tokyo, and grew up in Chiba and Sapporo. I have studied in Lyon. I like visiting historic sites, watching animals, and eating delicious foods.

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