Isami Romero Associate Professor

ThemeDiplomatica History of Japan and Latin America Relations during the Cold War


Research Department/Department of Human Sciences/Division of Humanities, Social Sciences and Linguistic Sciences/Section of Humanities, Social Sciences and Linguistic
Field Political Science, International Relations, Japanese Diplomatic History, Japanese Politics, Area Studies (Latin America), Comparative Politics
Keyword Cold War History, Inter-American Relations, Japan-Latin American Relations, Cuba, Mexico, Sugar and Japan


In recent years, the research that uses diplomatic archives in Japan has increased. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act of 2001, we can now access new primary sources and understand the internal movements of Japanese government ministries and departments. At the same time, thanks to improved access to archives in the United States and other regions, it is possible to learn about other aspects of Japanese diplomatic history.
Under this new reality, numerous studies about Japanese diplomatic history during 1960s have been published. Unlike in previous years, in the last decade, scholars have stopped focusing on relations with United States and have sought to elucidate relationships with other countries and regions. These studies have accepted the importance of the United States for Japan, but have been able to clarify how this country established its relations with Asian, European and socialist countries. However, there are no comprehensive studies that have analyzed the relations between Japan and Latin American countries in the same period.
Thus, my research seeks to contribute to increase more diplomatic history studies about Japan-Latin America relations. In particular, I have focused on Japan's relations with Cuba. My objective is to analyze the relations of both countries in the 1960s and reexamine Japan's sugar dependency and the diplomacy related to import it in this period.

List of current research topics

  • Japan-Latin America Relation
  • Japanese Foreign Policy toward Cuba during 1960s
  • Japanese "Sugar Diplomacy"
Affiliated academic society Japan Association for Latin American Studies, Japan Association of International Relations, Japanese Association for Contemporary Studies, Japan Association for Comparative Politics, The Society for Historians of American Foreign Policy
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I am originally from, Mexico City. My research topic is primary related with diplomatic history.H16My hobbies are reading books, tropical fish, football, and playing guitar and bass. I like British rock

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