WADA Daisuke Senior Assistant Professor

ThemeEvaluation process of labor and assets in agriculture and rural villages

My DreamEstablishment of the changeable agriculture and rural villages


Research Department/Department of Agro-environmental Science/Division of Agricultural Economics/Section of Agricultural EconomicsPractical Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Program/Staff
Field Agricultural economics, Agricultural management, Agricultural accounting
Keyword Labor evaluation, Asset evaluation, Shared facilities, Consensus


Agricultural management bodies and local agriculture are built by using various things (assets). The monetary value of an item is usually determined by cost (acquisition cost), and useful lifetime. However, from the standpoint of users, the value of a good is determined by its profitability, convenience, sentimental value and the like. There is little relation between acquisition cost and sentimental value. Usually, evaluations of a product differ from one person to the next.
My goals are to understand the differences in how products are evaluated and to determine the monetary valuation of common assets used in agricultural rural areas that is most accepted by the users of those assets.
If the target of the evaluation is a person, the gap between the value placed on work by an agricultural worker him- or herself may differ from the value placed on the same work by the employer, and this disparity may cause various problems. The monetary evaluation of labor by workers is also the subject of our study.

List of current research topics

  • Labor evaluation and asset evaluation in agricultural management
  • Financial analysis of agriculture-related companies
  • Training successors and securing labor force in agriculture
  • Community management and agreement formation
Affiliated academic society The Agricultural Economics Society of Japan, The Farm Management Society of Japan, The Association for Regional Agricultural and Forestry Economics, The Agricultural Economics Society of Hokkaido
Academic degree M.Agr.
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