ITADANI Atsushi Associate Professor

ThemeStudy on the development of inorganic solid material with new function

My DreamDevelopment of materials floating around in the world


Research Department/Department of Human Sciences/Division of Natural Sciences and Physical Education/Section of Natural Sciences and Physical Education
Field Functional material chemistry, Adsorption science, Spectroscopy
Keyword Functional material, Ion exchange, Adsorption, Spectroscopy


I have studied the gas adsorption, catalytic properties, and photoluminescence by utilizing the pores of the inorganic solid materials and the metal ions in their internal space to develop the materials with more efficient capability toward various cases. I have dealt with the materials such as zeolites and metal oxides. A part of the material developed has already been practicalized by company. Recently, my research focuses on the properties of materials derived from natural products.

Research target and technique

List of current research topics

  • Searching the new functions of natural products
  • Elucidation of the gas adsorption property and the expression mechanism for metal ion-exchanged zeolites and metal oxides
  • Elucidation of the electronic state of the metal ions and the analysis of the coordination structure by using various spectroscopies
Academic degree D.Sci.
Self introduction

I started to study and educate at Obihiro from April 2017.
This is 5 places second of work location for me.
Here, I am in charge of the field of fundamental chemistry.

Room addressGeneral Research Building I
Room numberN2307-6
Mail address itadani atmark