TETSUKA Masafumi Professor

My DreamClarifying the roles of corticosteroids in oogenesis and ovarian physiology

ThemeInvestigating roles of corticosteroids and their regulatory mechanisms in oogenesis, folliculogenesis leading to the ovulation, and embryo development, and applying the kowledge to inprove efficiency of in vitro production of embryo.


Animal Reproduction, Reproductive Endocrinology, Functional Anatomy, Sheep Science


Oogenesis, Oocyte maturation, Fertilization, Embryo development, Glucocorticoid, Mineralocorticoid

Instructable research topic for doctoral thesis

  • ウシ卵子・初期胚における炎症・抗炎症システムの生理的意義の解明とその応用
  • ヒツジの繁殖に関する研究(要相談)
  • 動物園における繁殖管理に関する研究(要相談)
Academic degree Ph.D.
Self introduction

I was born in Tokyo. After compleating B.Sc.and M.Sc.in Obihiro, I spent 10 years in Australia and Scotland. I am an OB of Hekiun Domitory and Kyudo club. I live in a countryside of Nakasatsunai village with my wife and a cat. I am a member of Nakasatsunai Riding Club but not very good at riding.

Room addressGeneral Research Building I
Mail address mtetsuka atmark obihiro.ac.jp


Research Department/Department of Life and Food Sciences/Division of Animal Production/Section of Life Science


Corticosteroids (glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid) produced by the adrenal cortex are crucial for keeping homeostasis. The ovary is exposed to the circulating corticosteroids throughout life yet little is known about the physiological effects of the steroids on the ovarian function. We have demonstrated that ovaries of various species such as rats, human and cattle express receptors and metabolizing enzymes for these corticosteroids and they are dramatically regulated during folliculogenesis and ovulation. These results strongly imply corticosteroids play important roles in the ovarian physiology. We are currently investigating roles of corticosteroids in the bovine oogenesis and embryo development. Our aim is to improve quality and efficiency of in vitro production of embryos.

The expression of glucocorticoid activating enzyme (HSD11B1) increases sharply in bovine cumulus cells surounding oocyte just prior to the ovulation (R). On the other hand the oocyte expresses the enzyme that mediates the opposite reaction (HSD11B2, L).

List of current research topics

  • Study in physiological roles of corticosteroid in oogenesis, fertilization and embryo development.
Related industries Livestock industory, Reproductive medicine, Life science
Affiliated academic society Society for Reproduction and Development, Japanese Society of Animal Science, British Endocrine Sciety, Society for Study of Reproduction
Academic background 1985 B.Sc. Obihiro University of Veterinary Medicine
1987 M.Sc. Obihiro University of Veterinary Medicine
1994 Ph.D. University of New South Wales
1993-1998 Researcher, University of Edinburgh
1998-2003 Lecturer, Obihiro University of Veterinary Medicine
2003-2009 Associate Prefessor, Obihiro University of Veterinary Medicine
2009- Professor, Obihiro University of Veterinary Medicine