YOSHIKAWA Takuya Associate Professor

ThemeTreatment and Utilization of Biomass Based on Chemical Engineering

My DreamEffective Use of Biomass


Research Department/Department of Agro-environmental Science/Division of Environmental and Agricultural Engineering/Section of Environmental and Agricultural Engineering
Field Chemical Engineering, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Environmental Process Engineering
Keyword Biomass, Digestate, Organosolv Treatment, Reactive Separation, Lignin


Because biomass including woods and herbs is renewable carbon resource, its utilization is required for establishing a circular community. As is well known that plant cell wall is mainly composed of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, biomass is generally in the state of mixture. For this reason, separation of biomass as a pre-treatment enables the further advanced utilization of its components. I have worked on technique of biomass separation based on chemical engineering, and developed a new method using mixture of water and organic solvent.
In Tokachi, livestock and dairy industries are prospering, and methane fermentation process is focused for the treatment of livestock excrement. Because the digestate, which is obtained the same amount of input quantity, includes fertilizer components such as nitrogen and phosphate, it is sprinkled over lands as a liquid fertilizer. I have also worked on optimal process for utilization of the digestate toward establishing a system rooted in this community.

List of current research topics

Treatment and Utilizaiton of Digestate from Methan Fermentation
Separtion of Biomass and Utilization of Its Components
Extraction of Lignin from Woody Biomass and Its Decomposition

Related industries Agriculture, Livestock, Energy
Affiliated academic society The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan, Catalysis Society of Japan, The Japan Petroleum Institute, The Lignin Society, The Cellulose Society of Japan
Academic degree D.Eng.
Self introduction

I’m from Sapporo, and have worked on utilization of carbon resources including biomass on the basis of chemical engineering. I would like to start golf in majestic Tokachi.

Room addressCenter for Industry-University Collaboration
Room number104
Mail address yoshikawa atmark obihiro.ac.jp