MIYAKE Shunsuke Associate Professor

ThemeResearch on the impact of changes in fluctuations on agricultural management and countermeasures

My DreamSearch for agricultural management that can withstand changes in the internal and external environment


Research Department/Department of Agro-environmental Science/Division of Agricultural Economics/Section of Agricultural Economics
Field Farm management science, Agricultural economics
Keyword farm management, improving farm management, production cost, dairy farming, upland farming


For the development of agricultural management, it is important to consider the economic effects of introducing newly developed technologies into agricultural management and the conditions for the effects to appear. It is also necessary to consider that agricultural management is affected by the purchase price of production materials, the selling price of agricultural and livestock products, and changes in the system. I have been working with local stakeholders, mainly on the impact and response to dairy farming and upland farming.
The scale of dairy farming and upland farming is expanding. I would like to clarify the measures that can improving farm management. It’s about improving economic efficiency by expanding the scale, farm management that realizes the improvement of economic efficiency, and measures by methods other than expansion. I would like to accumulate knowledge that can contribute to dairy farming and upland farming.

It's a scatter plot of area of cultivated land in operation and economy. How do you "read" this?
Sometimes I do a survey while showing the inside of the barn.

List of current research topics

  • Impact of upland farming development and response by smart agricultural technology
  • Economic evaluation of introduction of agricultural technology in upland farming and dairy farming
Affiliated academic society The Farm Management Society of Japan, The Agricultural Economics Society of Hokkaido, Agricultural Extension Research Society of Hokkaido
Academic degree D.Agr.
Self introduction

After graduating from Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, I returned to this university through the Hokkaido Research Organization. I would like to continue contributing to the production of delicious food in Hokkaido.

Room addressGeneral Research Building 1
Room numberN3302-3
Mail address s-miyake atmark obihiro.ac.jp