KUBOTA Satoko Associate Professor

ThemeTo evaluate the food system comprehensively, and clarify the system that provides scientific food safety and peace of mind.

My DreamConnect divergence between scientific food safety and peace of mind


Research Center for Global Agromedicine/Department of Agriculture and Animal ScienceResearch Department/Department of Agro-environmental Science/Division of Agricultural Economics/Section of Agricultural EconomicsCollaborative Center for Advanced Education/Collaborative Center for Advanced Education
Field Animal Hygiene Economics, Food Hygiene Economics
Keyword Food Safety, Behavioal Economic, Risk Communication, GAP, HACCP, Consumer Behavior


  1. Study on risk communication at the outbreak of a domestic animal infectious disease: The outbreak of domestic animal infectious diseases that are specified by the OIE and the Act on Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control have the potential to affect not only farmers but also local economies. In such a situation, the possibility that people might fail to act quickly and properly cannot be ruled out. This study discusses methods of communicating risks in advance of outbreaks of domestic animal infectious diseases for smooth information sharing and better support systems. Refer to the photo “Workshop for training in the theory of epidemic control for zoonotic diseases.”
  2. Study on the sophistication of food production control: HACCP and GAP have been introduced in various countries as the basis for food sanitation control. This study outlines policy trends in Japan and elsewhere by analyzing factors involved in the introduction of HACCP and GAP, reviewing business analyses, and examining surveys of distributors and consumers, in order to clarify issues and support measures for the sophistication of food production control.
Workshop on desktop epidemic training about the zoonosis

List of current research topics

  • Research on risk communication between livestock farmers
  • Evaluation on sophistication of food production management
  • Consumers' selection behavior of food label
Affiliated academic society The Agricultural Economics Society of Japan, The Farm Management Society of Japan, The Food System Research Association of Japan, The Agricultural Economics Society of Hokkaido
Academic degree Doctor of Animal and Food Hygiene
License JGAP Trainer No.12187, JGAP Trainer No.L01946, ASIAGAP Trainer No.A12187
Self introduction

I have allergies and my family are involved in work related to food, so I've been interested in eating since childhood. I like movies and books related to cooking.

Room addressGeneral Research Building 1
Mail address skubota atmark obihiro.ac.jp