SANETOMO Rena Associate Professor

Theme1) Inter-specific Crossing Barrier
2) Evaluation of Wild Potato Species for Resistance to Pest and Disease
3) Whole Transcriptome Analysis


Research Department/Department of Agro-environmental Science/Division of Plant Production Science/Section of Plant Production ScienceCenter for Industry-University Collaboration/Potato Germplasm Enhancement Laboratory
Field Plant breeding and genetics, Plant Reproduction
Keyword potato, plant breeding, wild species, genome, resistance gene, inter-specific barrier, plant reproduction, double fertilization


Green house
pollen tube growth into pistil
potato cultivar vs wiild species

List of current research topics

  • Molecular basis of the EBN theory (confliction between maternally and paternally expressed genes in endosperm development)
  • Introduction of late blight resistance from Mexican wild diploid species by breakdown of interspecific barriers using Sli gene
  • Cytoplasmic Male sterility systems derived from S. stoloniferum mitochondria
  • Association analysis for important agronomic traits
Related industries agriculture
Affiliated academic society Japanese Society of Breeding, The Potato Association of America
Academic degree Ph.D.
Self introduction

I love riding a motorcycle, practicing martial arts, taking photos of nature, and running a lot.
I am working in a well-equipped laboratory for molecular works, or in a sunny greenhouse for crossing and breeding activities!!

Room addressGeneral Research Building II
Room number305
Mail address sanetomo atmark