Kazuyoshi HOSAKA Specially Appointed Professor

ThemeGenome evolution in potato

My DreamExploitation of the genetic network among polyploid genomes of potato


Center for Industry-University Collaboration/Potato Germplasm Enhancement Laboratory
Field Potato genetics and breeding
Keyword Potato, Polyploidy


Marker assisted selection for resistances to potato cyst nematode, potato virus Y, and potato virus X

List of current research topics

  • Origin and evolution of potato
  • Cytoplasmic genome evolution in potato
  • Heterosis and inbreeding depression using S locus inhibitor gene
  • Polyploid evolution in potato
Self introduction

Please see our web site at http://univ.obihiro.ac.jp/~Potato/hosaka.html

Room addressGeneral Research Building 2
Room number306
Mail address spudman atmark obihiro.ac.jp