OCHIAI Izumi Associate Professor

ThemeReconstructing the linguistic prehistory of Austronesian language family


Research Department/Department of Human Sciences/Division of Humanities, Social Sciences and Linguistic Sciences/Section of Humanities, Social Sciences and Linguistic
Field Linguistics
Keyword Minority languages, Austronesian language family, Historical linguistics
The Seediq wordlist collected by Ryuzo Torii around 1900 (bold) and the corresponding wordlist collected by me (italic)
The meaning distribution of the reflexes of Proto-Austronesian *lima "hand" in Formosan languages
Affiliated academic society Hokkaido Dialectology Circle, Hokkaido Ethnological Society, Japanese Association of Northern Language Studies
Academic degree Ph.D (Literature)
Room addressGeneral Research Building 1
Mail address i.ochiai atmark obihiro.ac.jp