IWAMOTO Hiroyuki Professor

ThemeResearch on the establishment of sustainable livestock management from the perspective of the food system

My DreamEstablishment of a system to enhance the sustainability of the livestock industry


Research Department/Department of Agro-environmental Science/Division of Agricultural Economics/Section of Agricultural EconomicsCollaborative Center for Advanced Education/Collaborative Center for Advanced Education
Field Agricultural Economics, Food System Study, Environmental Economics
Keyword SDGs, Conservation Oriented Agriculture, Animal Welfare, Ethical Consumption


Since the adoption of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals: Sustainable Development Goals) at the UN Summit, there have been more opportunities to think about sustainability at the citizen level. The livestock industry is no exception. In order for the livestock industry to exist in society as an industry or as a regular industry in the sense of human life, it is becoming important to consider social sustainability (sustainability) and be a sustainable industry.

It is well known that even before the SDGs became a focus of attention, the livestock industry has created beautiful rural landscapes and provided society with multiple environmental services such as land conservation and health and rest. In previous studies, I have been involved in the quantitative evaluation of environmental services as economic effects by applying the Stated-Preference Method.

However, it is also true that the livestock industry is an industry that has considerable environmental impact, such as the disposal of livestock manure. To date, efforts have been made to improve the legal environment, including the Law for the Treatment of Livestock Manure, and to reduce the environmental burden through the management efforts of livestock farmers. I have conducted research to clarify the impact of this shift to environmentally sound livestock management on management using mathematical programming and other methods, and to examine the social conditions for sustainable management.

In order for the livestock industry to be sustainable, the livestock farm must be sustainable. At the same time, however, it is also important to have consumers who understand and support sustainability. Currently, by applying the stated preference method, I’m conducting research to seek consumer evaluations of livestock products made from environmentally friendly livestock products and those produced based on animal welfare.

List of current research topics

  • Willingness-to-Pay for Animalwelfare Labeled Products
  • Analysis of the impact of environmental ethics on consumer behavior
Related industries Livestock Industry, Food Industry, Environmental conservation technology
Affiliated academic society The Agricultural Economics Society of Japan, The Food System Research Association of Japan, The Farm Management Society of Japan, Agricultural & Applied Economics Association
Editorial Board
  • Journal of Food System Research; 2019-present
Academic degree Ph.D
Self introduction

I have been involved in the evaluation research of ecosystem services, food safety, local brands, and cultural properties through research on stated preference method. My hobby is exploring American Southern style BBQ.

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