FUJIMOTO Atsuru Assistant Professor

ThemeDevelopment of intelligent agricultural machinery/working system

My DreamMy dream is to develop a system that will become the de facto standard in farm work.


Research Department/Department of Agro-environmental Science/Division of Environmental and Agricultural Engineering/Section of Environmental and Agricultural Engineering
Field Agricultural mechanics, Robotics, Agricultural informatics, Smart agriculture
Keyword Agricultural machinery, Tractor, Implement, Large-scale farming, Automation/smart system


Tokachi is one of leading large-scale field crop areas in Japan. Here, we are engaged in efficient farming that makes efficient use of large farm machinery and ICT, which cannot be found anywhere else in the country. However, with the number of farm households decreasing year by year and the aging of farmers, there are concerns about labor shortages. In addition, high-precision working techniques are required to improve crop yields and quality, and further automation and robotization are required.
I am developing a new smart system to solve the challenges facing Tokachi, which is the same environment as the standard agriculture in the world. And I want to share that technology with the world.

We use an ultrasonic anemometer to estimate and visualize the invisible agrochemical dispersion.
Development of Field Computer that automatically collects tractor and work equipment data and sends it to the cloud server
Development of a new sensor to properly spray pesticides. We will work together with students to carry out basic experiments.
Fieldwork to investigate the work of farmers.

List of current research topics

・Development of Field Computer for tractor and farm work analysis system.
・Study on simulation of agrochemical distribution in the field.
・Development of boom height control system for boom sprayer.
・Smarterimplements attached to robot tractors.

Related industries Agricultural machinery, Agrochemical, ICT/IoT
Affiliated academic society Japanese Society of Agricultural and Food Engineering., Hokkaido Branch of Japanese Society of Agricultural and Food Engineering., American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, Japanese Society of Farm Work Research.
Academic degree Dr.Agr.
Self introduction

Obihiro is my hometown. If you need engineering for your experiment, please feel free to contact me.

Room addressGeneral Research Building I
Room numberN2302-1
Mail address fujimoto.a atmark obihiro.ac.jp