KAMIKAWA Akihiro Associate Professor

ThemeReveal the molecular mechanism of lactation

My DreamReveal the molecular mechanism of lactation


Research Department/Department of Veterinary Medicine/Division of Veterinary Sciences/Section of Physiology and PharmacologyOffice for International Accreditation of Veterinary Education/Staff
Field Physiology
Keyword mammary gland, lactation, ion channel, development, milk ejection, oxytocin


Mammary gland is a unique tissue that develops only in female mammals after parturition. It exerts its physiological function, lactation, for nursing pups. I have studied the mechanisms of mammary physiology including "mammary gland development", "milk production" and "milk ejection".
In the research of mammary gland development, effects of stromal adipocytes in morphogenesis of mammary ducts and alveoli have been investigated.
In the research of milk production, I have focused on the ion transport via ion channels on the cell membrane, because it has been hypothesized that ion secretion could induce osmotic water secretion and decide the milk quantity and quality. We have already demonstrated the functional expression of some ion channels in the lactating mammary acinar cell.
Recently, I started the research project concerning oxytocin-induced milk ejection. Using the original and novel technique for analyzing the milk ejection in mice, I am trying to uncover the regulatory mechanism of oxytocin-induced milk ejection.
I hope my basic research will provide information for developing the medical and veterinary treatment against lactation-failure and the strategy for improving the productivity in dairy industry.

Patch-clamp analysis of a mammary acinar cell.

List of current research topics

  • Analysis of ion permeability of lactating mammary epithelial cell
  • Development of a novel tequnique for analyzing milk ejection reflex in mice.
  • Exploration of regulatory factors for oxytocin-induced milk ejection
Academic degree PhD
License Veterinarian
Self introduction

I'm enjoying a life science research in a beautiful city, Obihiro.

Room addressGeneral Research Building 1
Mail address akami atmark obihiro.ac.jp