TAKEDA Yohei Associate Professor

ThemeApplication of novel virucidal/antiviral compounds to virus infection control measures

My DreamContribution to viral infectious control
Field Virology, Immunology
Keyword Antiviral immune response, Antiviral compounds, Naturally-derived compounds, Pathogenic viruses, Vaccination, Virucidal agents, Rapid diagnostic kit


I’m mainly conducting researches on infection control of various viruses that cause diseases in humans and animals, including SARS-CoV-2, influenza virus, and norovirus. Specifically, the following researches are performed. (i) research for searching and identification of novel virucidal and antiviral compounds and their application to virus control measures, (ii) epidemiological study of viruses that cause diseases in animals, (iii) research for the establishment of rapid and easy diagnostic methods for various pathogenic viruses. As for (i), I’m searching naturally-derived virucidal and antiviral compounds with my collaborators, and analyzing the mechanisms of action of these compounds. We are also performing the research aimed at applying these compounds as naturally-derived disinfectants, antiviral materials/products, and antiviral drugs (Figure). As for (ii), we are trying to isolate pathogenic viruses and clarifying the properties of the viruses that are currently circulating in animals through genetic and virological analyses. For research (3), we are conducting the research aimed at developing and improving diagnostic methods that can specifically detect infection with various pathogenic viruses.

Figure. Search and application of naturally-derived virucidal/antiviral compounds.

List of current research topics

  • Search for naturally-derived virucidal/antiviral compounds and their application to novel virus inactivating agents, therapeutic methods, and vaccines
  • Epidemiological study for characterization of animal pathogenic viruses circulating in the field
  • Development and improvement of rapid and easy detection methods for pathogenic viruses
Academic degree Ph.D.Med.
License Veterinarian
Self introduction

I'm from Hokkaido, Japan. I've conducted research on antitumor immunity.
I've been particularly involved in research that aims for the practical application of safe, effective antitumor adjuvants (immunostimulants).
Since being hired by Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, I've been conducting researches aimed at improving and expanding the infection control measures for various viruses that cause diseases in animals and humans.

Room addressGeneral Research Building IV
Room numberCommon office
Mail address ytakeda atmark obihiro.ac.jp


Research Center for Global Agromedicine/Department of Veterinary MedicineDiagnostic Center for Animal Health and Food Safety/Virology Laboratory Research Department/Department of Veterinary Medicine/Division of Veterinary Sciences/Section of Applied Veterinary Sciences
Related industries Veterinary medicine, Medical science
Affiliated academic society The Japanese Society of Veterinary Science
Academic background Career History
2018- present
2017-2018 Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine, Specially Appointed Assistant Professor

2017 Ph. D. in Medicine, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine
2012 B.V. in Veterinary Medicine, Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine