KUMANO Norikuni Professor

ThemeUnderstand the evolution and adaptation of insect behavior and apply that knowledge in population management in insects.

My DreamUnderstand the evolution and adaptation of insect behavior.
Field Behavioral ecology, Population ecology, Applied entomology
Keyword sweet potato weevils, bumble bees, Japanese horned beetle, carabid beetles, scarab beetles, social insects, mating behavior(sexual selection, inbreeding avoidance, multiple mating), interactions between insects and symbiotic bacteria, polymorphism of structural coloration, morphometrics, adaptation, evolution, sterile insect technique


Today's global climate change and increasing people's movement are threatening our lives through the invasion and distribution of vectors and pests. In order to solve these problems, knowledge of insect ecology and management by environmentally friendly methods becomes important.

I have been studied based on the keyword "evolution of insect eusociality", "pest management using sterile insect technique", "ecological study of sweet potato weevils". Currently, in addition to these studies, we are also expanding to pollination insects, invasive insects and insects closely related to agriculture in Hokkaido. Studies conduct in and out laboratory to learn the evolution and adaptation of behavior, shape, coloration of target insects. My study aim is to understand the balancing the ecology through the interactions between species and community.

Mating behavior of Euscepes postfasciatus

List of current research topics

  • Interactions between insects and symbiotic bacteria in a sweet potato weevil.
  • Inbreeding avoidance and female multiple mating in insects
  • Polymorphism of structural coloration in insects
  • Morphometric study of horned beetle
  • Flower visiting bees
Self introduction

I am an evolutionary biologist fascinated by behavioral ecology, and my research has mostly focused on insects.

I was born in Hyougo, Japan in 1972.

Room addressGeneral Research Building II
Mail address nrkumano atmark obihiro.ac.jp


Research Department/Department of Agro-environmental Science/Division of Ecology and Environmental Science/Section of Ecology and Environmental Science
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