For current International students

International Student Handbook

This handbook contains useful information for your everyday life and procedures necessary for interactions with the university and local/national government. Please make good use of it and have happy and productive life in Obihiro.

留学生ハンドブック International Student Handbook 2020-2021

For MEXT Scholarship Students

Enrollment Confirmation

MEXT scholarship students have to come to the International Student Office (Student Educational Support Section) at the beginning of every month to sign a document to confirm your enrollment. Please check the schedule for enrollment confirmation 2019. If you are not able to sign by the 1st due date, please inform the staff of international student affairs beforehand. Please note that you will not be able to receive the stipend without this procedure.

Enrollment Confirmation schedule for 2019

For Privately Financed Students

Scholarship Requiring University Recommendation

Scholarship Information 2019

(List of Scholarships)
Schlarships English Application Guide and Application Form Deadline Place for Submission
JEES日本語教育普及奨学金 × Application Guide, Application Form April.27, 2020 Student Services Section(International Student Affairs)
公益財団法人SGH財団 × Application Guide
Application Form
Feb.28, 2020 Student Services Section(International Student Affairs)
Sato Yo International Scholarship Foundation × Application Guide・Application Form Dec.13, 2019(closed) Directly to the Foundation
Iwatani Scholarship × Application Guide
Application Form
Dec.20, 2019(closed) Directly to the Foundation
Kyoritsu Internaitonal Foundation Scholarship ×

Application Guide(J/E)
Application Form(J)

Important Notice(J)

Dec.13, 2019(closed) Student Services Section(International Student Affairs)
Heiwa Nakajima Foundation Scholarship 2020 × 要項
学内用要項Application Guide(J/E)
申請書Application Form(J)
Oct.11, 2019(closed) Student Services Section(International Student Affairs)
CWAJ Graduate Scholarship for Non-Japanese Women to Study in Japan(NJG) 要項(日)
Application Guide(E)
Rotary Yonenayama Fondation Scholarship 2020 × 学内締切
Application Guide, Application Form
Sep.2019(Closed) Student Services Section(International Student Affairs)
Hokkaido International Exchange and Cooperation Center Foreign Student Scholarship ×

Application Guide

Application Form(J)

July.10, 2019(closed) Student Services Section(International Student Affairs)
JASSO Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students 要項
申請書 Application Form
April.15, 2019(Closed) Student Services Section(International Student Affairs)
2019年度十勝ロータリー奨学会奨学生 × Application Guide
Application Form
Feb.28,2019(Closed) Student Services Section(International Student Affairs)


Immigration Procedures[On campus only]

Procedures for Returning Home[On campus only]

Tuition Fees Exemption and Deferment

Spring Semester 2019

Those seeking to apply for tuition fees waivers and deferment are required to fill out the application form and submit it with other necessary documents to the Student Educational Support Section by the designated due date. The details are as follows:

Period for acceptance and place of submission

When: 8:30-17:15, From April 1 to April 11, 2019

Where: Student Services Section (Person in charge: Mr. Yamaguchi)

What to submit

Application form and other required documents such as income certificate, certificate of tax deducted and certificate of residence etc.

Temporal Leave from Japan

When you leave Japan temporarily to visit your family or travel to other countries, even for short period, you need to complete the following procedures.

On Campus Procedures

  • Obtain permission from your supervisor.
  • Submit the Notification of Temporal Leave from Japan
  • Report to the International Student Office after your return.

In order to protect our livestock from infectious disease, we ask you to submit “Extramural Activities Application Form for Animal Quarantine” if you go to countries other than registered as FMD free where vaccination is not practiced. This form is required to print on the reverse side of “Notification of Temporary Leave from Japan”. You can get the form at the International Student Office, too.

Reference: You can check the list of FMD free countries from OIE web site.

Health Check after Travelling

If you are not well after travelling and thinking to see a doctor, the following check list might be helpful.

Information for graduate students (lectures, degree application procedure, and so on)