Vol.26 NO.1-2 December,2016 ISSN 0917-4427



  1. Molecular characterization of Plasmodium juxtanucleare in Burmese red junglefowls (Gallus gallus spadiceus) in Thailand 
    Tattiyapong, M., Deemagarn, T., Mohkeaw, K., Ngamjiteu, S. and Jiratanh, M.
  2. Kinetic analysis of specific antibodies in serum and urine of experimentally Encephalitozoon cuniculi-infected rabbits 
    Oda, M., Ueno, A., Adilbish, A., Li, Z., Hernandez. H., O., Okada, T., Furuya, K. and Igarashi, M.
  3. The impact of the host CCR5, TLR2 and TLR11 on production of nitric oxide, IL-6, IL-12 and growth of Toxoplasma gondii 
    Ibrahim, H. M. and Nishikawa, Y.
  4. Expression of Babesia gibsoni thrombospondin-related adhesive protein in Toxoplasma gondii and evaluation of its antigenicity and immunogenicity 
    Kumagai, A., Zhang, G., Jia, H., Nakamura, C., Zhang, H., Goo, Y-K., Aboge, G. A., Terkawi, M. A., Zhou, J., Nishikawa, Y. and Xuan, X.
  5. Evaluation of inhibitory effects of dipyridamole against bovine and equine piroplasmosis 
    Tuvshintulga, B., Sivakumar, T., Yokoyama, N. and Igarashi, I.



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