Vol.21 NO.1 December,2011 ISSN 0917-4427


  1. Effects of tea on survival rates and liver pathology of Trypanosoma brucei brucei infected mice. 
    Mbuthia, S.K., Wachira, N.W., Ngure, R.M., Ouma, J., Kagira, J.M.
  2. Trypanosomosis complicated with fasciolosis in an intensively managed dairy farm in Niger state. 
    Okaiyeto, S.O., Danbirni, S., Allam, L., Salisu, I., Pewan, S.B., Abubakar, U.B., Kudi, A.C.
  3. Phylogenetic analysis of Theileria orientalis in cattle bred in Fujian province,China. 
    Sivakumar, T., Khukhuu, A., Igarashi, I., Xuan, X., Guo, G., Huang, X., Yokoyama, N., 五十嵐, 郁男, 玄, 学南, 横山, 直明
  4. Chloroquine resistance status a decade after: Re-emergence of sensitive Plasmodium falciparum strains in malaria endemic and epidemic areas in Kenya. 
    Wangai, L.N., Kimani, F.T., Omar, S.A., Karanja, S.M., Nderu, D.W., Magoma, G., Mutua, D.

Vol.21 NO.2 December,2011 ISSN 0917-4427



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