WOAH reference laboratory for equine piroplasmosis


Diagnostic services

We are providing confirmatory diagnostic services for equine piroplasmosis. We use IFAT and cELISA for sero-diagnosis and PCR for detecting the parasite DNA.

Specimens for diagnostic tests

Serum sample and whole blood sample collected with an anti-coagulant should be sent for serological tests and PCR, respectively. Each sample should be about 1 ml and sent either chilled or frozen.

Import permit

An import permit is required for clearing the samples from the animal quarantine at the Japanese airports. The reference laboratory will obtain an import permit for each shipment. Therefore, the sender of the samples should provide the following details, at least 10 days prior to shipping date; 1) Name, address, and contact details of the sender, 2) Type (serum or whole blood) and number (exact numbers of vials) of samples, 3) Arrival port and date, 4) Name of the courier, and 5) Shipping route.

Supply of diagnostic materials

IFAT slides

We are supplying B. caballi and T. equi IFAT slides to laboratories in several countries. Import permit from the importing country might be essential, based on the local regulations.

If you wish to purchase IFAT slides, please contact at least one month before the expected delivery period.

Positive control DNA

We can supply the DNA samples of B. caballi and T. equi extracted from in vitro cultures.

Charges for our services

We are charging for the services to cover our expenses. Our current charges for equine piroplasmosis diagnostic tests per sample are as follows; 30,000 Japanese Yen (JPY) for IFAT, 30,000 JPY for cELISA, and 15,000 JPY for PCR.

We are charging 1,200 JPY for a 12-well IFAT slide. In addition, the shipping cost will also be paid by the customers.

Those from developing countries, if they are unable to pay charges, are advised to contact our reference laboratory.

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