Online special lecture by Dr. Takeshi Suzuki

18 Mar 2021

On March 16, 2021, Dr. Takeshi Suzuki (Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology) gave a lecture on “RNAi-based control of spider mites”. In the lecture, he showed his data regarding application of RNA interference (RNAi) as a pest control and efficient uptake of chemical substances using plant-parasitic spider mites (sucking-type). A total of 14 including PhD students, postdoctors, and researchers attended the online lecture. We had active discussions and spent a fruitful time during the lecture.
(Reported by Rika Umemiya-Shirafuji)

講義の様子/ Online lecture given by Dr. Takeshi SuzukiOnline lecture given by Dr. Takeshi Suzuki

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 “Establishment of Tick Biobank and its application to vector biology research”