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Application of novel antiviral compounds to the therapy and vaccination.

My Dream

Contribution to viral infectious control


Research Center for Global Agromedicine, Department of Veterinary Medicine

Diagnostic Center for Animal Health and Food Safety, Virology Laboratory

Research Department, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Division of Veterinary Sciences, Section of Applied Veterinary Sciences

Field of research Virology, Immunology
Keyword Antiviral immune response, Antiviral therapy, Antiviral compounds, Vaccination, Influenza virus, Pathogenicity, Viral mutation, Rapid diagnostic kit


I'm engaged in research on controlling of flu virus infections. I've aimed at the following: (1) exploring new anti-influenza viral substances and their application to new therapies and vaccines, (2) clarifying the relationships between viral gene mutations and infectivity/pathogenicity, and (3) developing rapid diagnostic kits for the avian influenza virus. Concerning #1, I explore antiviral components found in natural substances and analyze their mechanisms of action. Using a mouse model of flu virus infection and focusing on immune responses in vivo, I analyze the therapeutic and protective effects of antiviral substances. (Refer to the figure.) With regard to #2, I analyze the mutations of flu virus genes isolated from wild birds. I inoculate mice with such viruses to identify the genetic mutations that are involved in their infectivity and pathogenicity to mammals, and to clarify ways of controlling viral infections. With regard to #3, I research new diagnostic methods that can rapidly and specifically detect avian flu viruses of the H5 and H7 subtypes, which are particularly important for epidemic prevention. I analyze viruses other than flu viruses that are pathogenic to domestic animals and people and conduct research on therapies.


List of current research topics

  • Search of naturally-derived novel antiviral compounds and identification of its antiviral mechanism.
  • Application of novel antiviral compounds to the therapy and vaccination.
  • Analysis of viral mutations related to pathogenicity and infectivity in mammals.
  • Development of rapid diagnostic kit for avian influenza virus
Related industries Veterinary medicine, Medical science
Affiliated academic society The Japanese Society of Veterinary Science
Academic degree Ph.D.Med.
License Veterinarian
Room address General Research Building IV
Mail address ytakeda atmark