Joint Researches with Cornell University

  • Applied study of veterinary epidemiology and statistics
  • On more hands-on practices in the orthopedics of companion creatures
  • Studies on animal trypanosoma, animal trypanosomiasis and animal protozoan disease
  • Studies on fertile environment and tubal functionality of cows
  • Studies on herding animal veterinary for dairy cows
  • Studies on newborn diseases and reproductive disorder among horses
  • Studies on new diagnostics, treatments, and preventive methods for bovine production diseases
  • Examinations concerning localization and outbreak of viral particles in diseases related to bovine viral diarrhea viruses (BVDV)
  • Technical assistance and application to education & research activities concerning artificial insemination and fertilized egg transplantation of horses
  • Studies on assisted reproduction technologies for horses and reinforcement of medical system
  • Case analyses using veterinary pathological techniques

Joint Researches with University of Wisconsin

  • The impact of antioxidant components contained in agricultural and livestock products and their processed food on the intestinal environment (fermentation characteristics and intestinal bacterial flora)
  • Health and breeding of high-yielding dairy cows: basic and applied studies towards improved conception chances
  • Studies on cold hardiness of wine grapes and other fruit trees
  • Studies on frost hardiness mechanisms of wild potato species
  • Development of techniques to reduce post-harvest loss using corns native to Africa
  • Verification of preventive effects of calcium fertilization against agricultural pests
  • Clarification of impacts of heat stress on potato quality and processability
  • Impacts of infection to insect-parasitizing bacteria on the plant viral transmission through aphids
  • Studies on the optimal fertilization method in potato cultivation
  • Establishment of fertility evaluation in the large-scale agricultural field utilizing the characteristics of volcanogeneous soil / Revaluation of crop production sustainability in the traditional slash-and-burn agriculture fields in Sabah, Malaysia
  • Soil fertility evaluation through the combination of soil diagnostic technologies and spatial information
  • Soil fertility evaluation and productivity improvement efforts in the potato-growing area in the Republic of Kenya
  • Studies on the functional components deriving from milk and lactic bacteria
  • Large-scale analyses of microbially derived functional genes in the digestive system
  • Search of genetic locus controlling the diversity of phenotypes seen in livestock animals using genome information

Study Abroad x Summer Joint Program