KAYANO Mitsunori

Associate Professor


Statistical, bioinformatical, epidemiological methods for humans' health and animals’health and performance

My Dream

Statistics for humans' and animals' health


Research Center for Global Agromedicine, Department of Veterinary Medicine

Research Department, Department of Human Sciences, Division of Natural Sciences and Physical Education, Section of Natural Sciences and Physical Education

Agri-information technology Center , 農学情報教育部門

Field of research Statistics, Data science, Bioinformatics, Systems biology, Medicine, Veterinary medicine, Animal husbandry, Agriculture
Keyword Multivariate analysis, Gene network, Dementia, Cognitive dysfunction, Blood, Biomarker, microRNA, Omics, Laboratory animal, Dairy cow, Canine, Infectious disease, Productivity

List of current research topics

Developing statistical theories and bioinformatical methods exploring and evaluating blood molecules (omics data) associated with humans' and animals' (including laboratory animals') dementia-like disorders
Statistical, epidemiological, mathematical analyses evaluating and improving performance of dairy cows and controlling infectious diseases in animals
Statistical and bioinformatical analyses in agriculture

Project Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development, Research and Development Grants for Dementia,
Canon Foundation, "Pursuit of Ideals" research grant program, "A new approach to reducing the risk of food allergies"
Affiliated academic society Japanese Society of Applied Statistics, Japanese Society for Bioinformatics, International Society for Computational Biology
Academic degree Ph.D. in Mathematics
Room address General Research Building 1
Room number N2302-6
Mail address kayano atmark