Debriefing session by graduate students participated in “International Study Program for Global Joint Research 2018"

The Research Center for Global Agromedicine (GAMRC) established a short-term study abroad program called ” International Study Program forJoint Research”, sending 2 graduate students to College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Wisconsin in 2018 for about a month.

Following a presentation on the program outline by Prof. Kanayama, Director of GAMRC,  Gonddwe Rodney, who was sent to the Department of Horticulture, made his report and explained about the differences between Japanese and American universitieson the experiments and data analysis method he learned on-site, and the classes of hosting Prof. Parta. He also shared his experience with his host family and many activities off-campus with his research collaborators..

The next speaker, Bahrat Mengi, who was sent to the Department of Food Science, reported on his research activities at the laboratory and his experiments, expecially, using an atomic force microscope. He also presented his life at the cooperative house where he stayed at with 9 other students from different parts of the United States with various backgrounds, showing us the gorgeous dinner on Thanksgiving Day, a big event second to Christmas.

After their presentations, many asked for more details about each research activity and life in Madison in the Question & Answer session, which was animated with very active discussions.

Vice-President Inoue, shareing his own experience, noted in the closing session:  “The important thing is to learn about the research grand design and what researches all around the world are thinking rather than inglish fuluency.. I’d like students to have this kind of experience more, particulary Japanese students”