The Summer Joint-Program with the University of Wisconsin–Madison is implemented at OUAVM

OUAVM held the Summer Joint-Program with the University of Wisconsin–Madison (hereinafter referred to as UW–M) from August 19 to 27.

This program was implemented for the second time in cooperation with UW–M, which has concluded an academic exchange agreement with OUAVM, for the purpose of providing opportunities for both OUAVM and UW–M students to learn about Hokkaido’s nature and food systems through group work and discussions.

The program was offered entirely in English. Twenty-four students (12 each from UW–M and OUAVM) attended lectures on the environment, soil, dairy farming, food and economy of Hokkaido, engaged in fieldwork and toured related facilities. They also took part in an overnight training course in Akan National Park. On the final day, the students made a presentation on the achievements of this program.

This nine-day program was a great success as many of the students said that they had deepened their understanding of other cultures, experienced diverse values and improved their communication skills through discussions and group work with students from other countries, not to mention acquiring extensive knowledge about agriculture in Hokkaido through lectures and hands-on practice.

Soil diagnosis practice at Sato Farm (Shimizu Town)
Group work
Presentation on the final day
Jumping together