Workshop 2023 on「Mathematical/Epidemiological Modeling of Infectious Diseases」

Prof. Yrjö Gröhn, one of the world’s leading authorities in the field of veterinary epidemiology and preventive veterinary medicine, of College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University visited OUAVM for the Spring Workshop 2023 and research exchange.

He gave the Cornell-Obihiro Spring Workshop 2023, “Mathematical/Epidemiological Modeling of Infectious Diseases – A Hands-on Workshop -”, and the research seminar to succeed and flourish in academia, from February 27 to March 3. The workshop enabled us to learn the mathematical/epidemiological modeling, including SIR and individual based models, which are relatively new in veterinary research of Japan. In the research seminar, OUAVM veterinary students and faculties discussed the essential topic with Prof. Gröhn.

Additionally, Prof. Gröhn and OUAVM faculty members at the Veterinary Medical Center had a discussion for the joint research on infectious diseases of the livestock in Hokkaido and the cognitive dysfunction problem in companion animals. He gave us valuable suggestions based on his mathematical, epidemiological, statistical points of view. We plan to continue and promote the educational/research collaboration with Prof. Gröhn.

         Prof. Gröhn and participants in the workshop – 1  Prof. Gröhn and participants in the workshop – 2