Publication List

Publication List in 2022

  1. Cadmium in soils and potato tubers under grower management in two contrasting soil types of Hokkaido, Japan. Tani M, Kinoshita R, Aiuchi D and Palta JP. Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 69: 1-9.
  2. Cholesterol granuloma associated with degenerative neuropathy in the cauda equina of a dog. Tanaka Y, Watanabe K, Miller AD, Matsumoto K and Kobayashi Y. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 34: 1010-1014.
  3. A model nutrition control system in potato tissue culture and its influence on plant elemental composition. Munthali C, Kinoshita R, Onishi K, Rakotondrafara A, Mikami K, Koike M, Tani M, Palta J and Aiuchi D. Plants 11: 2718.
  4.  Soil sensing and machine learning reveal factors affecting maize yield in the mid-Atlantic United States. Kinoshita R, Tani M, Sherpa S, Ghahramani A and van Es HM. Agronomy Journal 115: 181-196.
  5. Bilateral plaque-like white matter degeneration in cerebral septal regions of a Chapman’s zebra (Equus quagga chapmani). Tanaka Y, Watanabe K, Nakagun S, Miller AD, Sasaki M and Kobayashi Y. Journal of Comparative Pathology 194: 54-57.

Publication List in 2021

  1. Evaluating the use of piezo manipulator, laser or their combination for blastocoel cavity puncture to improve cryopreservation outcomes of large equine embryos. Rajabi-Toustani R, Watanabe H, Tsogtgerel M, Gao Y, Canbo L, Haneda S, Cheong SH and Nambo Y. Reproduction in Domestic Animals 56: 1358-1362

  2. Sperm interaction with the uterine innate immune system: toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2) is a main sensor in cattle. Akthar I, Marey MA, Kim Y, Shimada M, Suarez SS and Miyamoto A. Reproduction, Fertility and Development 34: 139-148.

  3. Effect of stem positioning on biomechanical performance of a novel cementless short-stem canine total hip implant. Worden NJ, Ash KJ, Ordway NR, Miller M, Mann KA, VanDeventer GM, Valenzano DM, Kayano M, Tomihari M and Hayashi K. Veterinary and Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology 35: 1-9.

  4. Is Salmonella enterica shared between wildlife and cattle in cattle farming areas? An 11-year retrospective study in Tokachi district, Hokkaido, Japan. Yamaguchi E, Fujii K, Kayano M, Sakurai Y, Nakatani A, Sasaki M, Hertl JA and Gröhn YT. Veterinary Medicine and Science 8: 758-770.

  5. Genetic and seasonal variations of Trypanosoma theileri and the association of Trypanosoma theileri infection with daily cattle productivity in Northern Japan. Suganuma K, Kayano M, Kida K, Gröhn YT, Miura R, Ochiai Y, Mizushima D and Inoue N. Parasitology International 86: 102476.

  6. Fertilizer effects on endosperm physicochemical properties and resistance to larger grain borer, Prostephanus truncatus (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) in Malawian local maize (Zea mays L.) varieties: potential for utilization of Ca and Mg nutrition. Nguma E, Munthali C, Murayama D, Onishi K, Mori M, Kinoshita R, Yamashita S, Kinoshita M, Tani M, Palta M, Palta JP, Koaze H and Aiuchi D. Agronomy 12: 46.

  7. Soil properties and classification of a small-scale steep sloping field under traditional slash and burn cropping systems in Sabah, Malaysia. Kinoshita R, Kishimoto A, Aiuchi D, Fujitake N, Osaki M, Clayton M and Tani M. Pedologist 65: 66-75.

  8. Comparison of freezing tolerance between plants derived from tissue culture plantlets and seed tubers using freezing-tolerant interspecific hybrid potato. Yokokawa R, Kawamura K, Palta JP, Mori M and Kasuga J. Cryobiology and Cryotechnology 67: 135-140.

  9. Soil fertility status for potato production in the central highlands of Malawi. Munthali C, Kinoshita R, Aiuchi D, Palta J and Tani M. African Journal of Agricultural Research 17: 1472-1479.

  10. Fertility risk factors in transferring Japanese Black embryos into dairy heifers: an epidemiological study. Goto A, Hayama K, Urakawa M, Oono Y, Hazano K, Kayano M, Haneda S, Nakada K, Gröhn YT and Matsui M. Veterinary and Animal Science 13: 100193.

  11. Spatio-temporal analysis of yield and weather data for defining site-specific crop management zones. Kinoshita R, Rossiter D and van Es H. Precision Agriculture in press.

  12. Day 7 embryos change the proteomics and exosomal micro-RNAs content of bovine uterine fluid: Involvement of innate immune functions. Kusama K, Rashid MB, Kowsar R, Marey MA, Talukder AK, Nagaoka K, Shimada M, Khatib H, Imakawa K and Miyamoto A. Frontiers in Genetics 12: 676791.

  13. Correlations between the solubility and surface characteristics of milk protein concentrate powder particles. Murayama D, Zhu Y and Ikeda S. Journal of Dairy Science 104: 3916-3926.

  14. Effect of surfactant-induced competitive displacement of whey protein conjugated to acid- or alkali-extracted potato pectin on emulsion stability. Murayama D, Rankin SA and Ikeda S. Food Hydrocolloids 114: 106558.
  15. Mapping of QTLs controlling epicotyl length in adzuki bean (Vigna angularis). Mori M, Maki K, Kawahata T, Kawahara D, Kato Y, Yoshida T, Nagasawa H, Sato H, Nagano AJ, Bethke PC and Kato K. Breeding Science 71: 208-216.

  16. Behavioral change of Bemisia tabaci and Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) infected by Lecanicillium muscarium (Hypocreales: Cordycipitaceae). Moyo D, Ishikura S, Rakotondrafara A, Murray C, Kinoshita R, Tani M, Koike M and Aiuchi D. Applied Entomology and Zoology 56: 327-336.

Publication List in 2020

  1. Toll‐like receptor 2 mediates the immune response of the bovine oviductal ampulla to sperm binding. Morillo VA, Akthar I, Fiorenza MF, Takahashi K, Sasaki M, Marey MA, Suarez SS and Miyamoto A. Molecular Reproduction and Development 87: 1059-1069.

  2. Radiographic and biomechanical assessment of three implant designs for canine cementless total hip replacement. Worden NJ, Ash KJ, Ordway NR, Miller MA, Mann KA, Vandeventer GM, Valenzano DM, Hart R, Kayano M and Hayashi K. Veterinary and Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology 33: 417-427.

  3. Epidemiological analysis of avulsion fractures in dogs. Cruz AMM, Kayano M, Tomihari M, Chou PY, Kim SY, Kaptkin AS and Hayashi K.VCOT Open 03: 60-65.

  4. Secretion of equine chorionic gonadotropin and its association with supplementary corpus luteum formation and progesterone concentration in Hokkaido native pony recipient mares. Hannan MA, Murata K, Takeuchi S, Haneda S, Cheong SH and Nambo Y. Domestic Animal Endocrinology 72: 106424.

  5. Resistance of soybean pectin-protein conjugate pre-adsorbed to the air-water interface to displacement by the competitive adsorption of surfactant. Cai B and Ikeda S. Food Biophysics 15: 416-422.
  6. Virulence of Lecanicillium spp. (Hypocreales: Cordycipitaceae) hybrid strains against various biological stages of the greenhouse whitefly, Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Hemiptera: Aleyroidae). Aiuchi D, Moyo D, Ishikura S, Tani M, Kinoshita R, Rakotondorafara AM and Koike M. Biocontrol Science and Technology 30: 1006-1017.

  7. Difference in freezing tolerance between young potato plants derived from tissue culture plantlets and seed tubers. Kawamura K, Palta JP, Mori M and Kasuga J.  CryoLetters 41: 317-322.
  8. Colostral and foal serum immunoglobulin G levels and associations with perinatal abnormalities in heavy draft horses in Japan.  T. AOKI, Chiba A, Itoh M, Nambo Y, Yamagishi N, Shibano K and Cheong SH. Journal of Equine Science 31: 29-34.

  9. Dietary adzuki bean paste dose-dependently reduces visceral fat accumulation in rats fed a normal diet. Han K-H, Ohashi S, Sasaki K, Nagata R, Pelpolage S, Fukuma N, Reed JD, Shimada K, Kadoya N and Fukushima M. Food Research International 130: 108890.

Publication List in 2019

  1. Factors affecting decreasing viscosity of the culture medium during the stationary growth phase of exopolysaccharide-producing Lactobacillus fermentum MTCC 25067. Mengi B, Ikeda S, Murayama D, Bochimoto H, Matsumoto S, Kitazawa H, Urashima T and Fukuda K. Bioscience of Microbiota, Food and Health 39: 160-168.

  2. Yield and quality characteristics of popular processing potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cultivars in two contrasting soil types under grower management in Hokkaido, Japan.  Gondwe RL, Kinoshita R, Suminoe T, Aiuchi D, Palta JP and Tani M. Potato Research 63: 385-402
  3. Birth of first foals through embryo transfer after artificial insemination using frozen semen in Japan. Hannan MA, Haneda S, Murata K, Takeuchi S, Cheong SH and Nambo Y. Journal of Reproduction and Development 66: 193-197.

  4. Sperm enter glands of preovulatory bovine endometrial explants and initiate inflammation. Akthar I, Suarez SS, Morillo VA, Sasaki M, Ezz MA, Takahashi K, Shimada M, Marey MA and Miyamoto A. Reproduction 159: 181-192.
  5. Stabilization of milk proteins at pH 5.5 using pectic polysaccharides derived from potato tubers. Peterson RB, Rankin SA and Ikeda S. Journal of Dairy Science 102: 8691-8695.

  6. Surfactant-induced competitive displacement of potato pectin-protein conjugate from the air-water interface. Murayama D, Ando D and Ikeda S. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 67: 8197-8204.
  7. Properties and classification of soils in Dedza district, central highlands of Malawi.  Kinoshita R, Munthali C, Aiuchi D, Onishi K, Koaze H, Palta J and Tani M. Pedologist 63: 94-101.
  8. Influence of slope direction on soil properties and potato yield potential in hilly upland fields of Hokkaido. RGondwe RL, Kinoshita R, Aiuchi D, Suminoe T, Palta J and Tani M. Pedologist 63: 61-72.
  9. Cold hardiness of wine grape variety ‘Kiyomi’ during dormant season in Tokachi area. Tsumura Y, Azuma H, Takahashi Y, Atucha A, Hirano N and Kasuga J. Cryobiology and Cryotechnology 65: 75-79.
  10. In-season calcium fertilizer application increases potato cell wall calcium and firmness of French fries. Murayama D, Koaze H, Ikeda S, Palta JP, Kasuga J, Pelpolage SW, Yamauchi H and Tani M. American Journal of Potato Research 96: 472-486.

  11. Rheological characteristics and supramolecular structure of the exopolysaccharide produced by Lactobacillus fermentum MTCC 25067. Ikeda S, Murayama D, Tsurumaki A, Sato S, Urashima T and Fukuda K. Carbohydrate Polymers 218: 226-233.
  12. Causal phenotypic networks for egg traits in an F2 chicken population. Goto T, Fernandes AFA, Tsudzuki M and Rosa GJM. Molecular Genetics and Genomics 294: 1455-1462.
  13. Optimization of an isothermal recombinase polymerase amplification method for real-time detection of Potato virus Y O and N types in potato. Babujee L, Witherell RA, Mikami K, Aiuchi D, Charkowski AO and Rakotondrafara AM. Journal of Virological Methods 267: 16-21.

Publication List in 2018 

  1. Successful embryo transfer from Hokkaido native pony after artificial insemination with frozen semen.  Hannan MA, Haneda S, Itami Y, Wachi S, Saitoh T, Cheong SH and Nambo Y. The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 81: 241-244.
  2. Soil and tuber calcium affecting tuber quality of processing potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cultivars grown in Hokkaido, Japan. Gondwe RL, Kinoshita R, Suminoe T, Aiuchi D, Palta J and Tani M.  Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 65: 159-165.

  3. The effect of colostrum intake on osteoprotegerin and bone metabolic markers in the blood of newborn calves during the first week of life. Hatate K, Kayano M, Kawashima C, Hanada M, Bicalho RC and Yamagishi N. The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 81: 15-21.
  4. Purification, rheological characterization, and visualization of viscous, neutral, hetero-exopolysaccharide produced by lactic acid bacteria. Ikeda S, Kondoh D, Aryantini NPD, Urashima T and Fukuda K.  Methods in Molecular Biology 1887: 55-65.
  5. Associations of the first occurrence of pathogen-specific clinical mastitis with milk yield and milk composition in dairy cows. Kayano M, Ito M, Kusaba N, Hayashiguchi O, Tanaka Y, Kida K, Kawamoto K and Gröhn Y. Journal of Dairy Research 85: 309-316.
  6. Involvement of lipopolysaccharide in ovarian cystic follicles in dairy cow: Expressions of LPS receptors and steroidogenesis-related genes in follicular cells of cystic follicles. Shimizu T, Ishizawa S, Magata F, Kobayashi M, Fricke PM and Miyamoto A. Animal Reproduction Science 195: 89-95.
  7. Effect of calcium fertilizer application on physicochemical properties of starch isolated from processing type potato cv. Toyoshiro.  Pelpolage S, Murayama D, Tani M, Palta J, Yamauchi H and Koaze H. Food Science and Technology Research 24: 559-565.
  8. Oviduct epithelium induces interferon-tau in bovine Day-4 embryos, which generates an anti-inflammatory response in immune cells. Talukder AK, Rashid MB, Yousef MS, Kusama K, Shimizu T, Shimada M, Suarez SS, Imakawa K and Miyamoto A. Scientific Reports 8: 7850.

Publication List in 2017

  1. Quantitative soil profile-scale assessment of the sustainability of long-term maize residue and tillage management. Kinoshita R, Schindelbeck RR and van ES HM. Soil and Tillage Research 174: 34-44.
  2. Effects of calcium concentration in potato tuber cells on the formation of cross-links between pectin molecules by Ca2+. Murayama D, Tani M, Ikeda S, Palta JP, Pelpolage SW, Yamauchi H and Koaze H. American Journal of Potato Research 94: 524-533.
  3. Superiority of Malawian orange local maize variety in nutrients, cookability and storability. Murayama D, Yamazawa T, Munthali C, Bernard EN, Gondwe RL, Palta JP, Tani M, Koaze H and Aiuchi D. African Journal of Agricultural Research 12: 1618-1628.

Publication List in 2016

  1. Lack of yield response in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) to phosphate fertilizer under contrasting soil types varying in phosphate absorption coefficient and available phosphate.  Gondwe RL, Kinoshita R, Sano M Suminoe T, Aiuchi D, Koaze H, Palta JP and Tani M. Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 63: 171-177.
  2. Effect of calcium fertilization on processing properties and storability of frozen French fries. Murayama D, Sakashita Y, Yamazawa T, Nakata K, Shinbayashi Y, Palta JP, Tani M, Yamauchi H and Koaze H. Food Science and Technology Research 22: 451-459.