Cow-friendly, human-friendly and environment-friendly

The Field Center of Animal Science and Agriculture has a livestock and plant epidemic prevention laboratory and a horse-assisted activity room centered on dairy farming.

In dairy farming, about 180 cows (regularly 70 to 80 milking cows) are raised. Members of a student group, Ushibu, who were officially employed as a part-time staff of the university are milking cows. More than 1,000 tons of raw milk is produced annually at a parlor which is an ISO22000 certified facility. Produced raw milk is processed into Chikudai Milk and Chikudai Milk Ice Cream at a dairy product plant certified by an international standard food safety system, FSSC22000. And they are sold both inside and outside the university.

As pasture grass and corn are cultivated as feed for this livestock in a slightly more than 100ha field, the university is completely self-sufficiency in roughage.

20 horses are raised in a horse-associated activity room, and utilized in social contribution activities such as extracurricular activities of the Equestrian Club and horse-riding for persons with disabilities as well as in education such as horse-riding exercise, etc.

And in order to protect these livestock and agricultural products from infections, practical research and education on epidemic prevention are conducted in a livestock and plant epidemic prevention laboratory.

Also, the university has a slaughter and dressing facility (ISO22000 certified facility) within the campus, and is working on safety education on food through slaughter and dressing practice of cows and pigs raised in the university.